About Us

The Story Behind WRBuilds

Silvester is the founder of WRbuilds Inc. He started building computers at the
age of 15 and perfected his skills over the years. His strong passion for tech and gaming
led him to create this business. His leadership has been the driving force of the company since 2019.

The Team

We are a Canadian based company that specializes in building high performance custom computers and media production. Our business offers full custom PC builds, content production and live stream layout setups for all our gamers and creators. With over 15 years of computer building experience combined with 10 years of photography and videography production, we are a group of tech passionates dedicated to execute your brand’s vision and objectives.

Silvester Reino CEO
Silvester Reino

Founder / Builder

Kevin Nguyen Luu Marketing Manager
Kevin Nguyen-Luu
a.k.A "wong"

Marketing Manager / Videographer


Lead Photographer / Branding Manager

Dean Gragason Videographer
Dean Garrett Gragasin

Lead Videographer / Photographer