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Introducing our ultimate Corsair-powered gaming rigs, where customization meets control. Harness the power of Corsair's iCue app to commandeer every RGB detail, ensuring your setup reflects your style. With Corsair's top-tier cooling fans, rest assured your system stays cool under pressure, letting you game with confidence and precision.

Explore our custom panel modifier to personalize the appearance of your system like never before. Tailor every detail to match your unique style and preferences, ensuring your setup stands out with flair and functionality.

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We turn your ideas into reality

For those who want to stand out with a unique, one of a kind custom build, we can work with you to build your dream rig. There is no limit to what we can create. We strive to make the best looking, one of a kind builds, that no one has ever seen before.

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Why Choose Us?

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    By Gamers For Gamers

    We are gamers ourselves. We know how important it is to maintain those high frames. So every one of our builds will never let you down in those high intensity moments.

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    Free Shipping

    We're thrilled to offer you complimentary shipping across the USA and Canada. It's our way of ensuring your shopping experience is not only convenient but also completely stress-free.

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    Discord Support

    After purchasing a computer, we can provide you with support through discord and guide you every step of the way.

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    From the design to the finished product, we pay attention to all the details. We've been building systems for a long time, your computer is being built to the highest of standards.

  • One App to Rule Them ALL

    The iCue Software is calibrated by our expert team, ensuring seamless integration. Control RGB lighting, manage pump performance, and adjust fan speeds effortlessly. It's the ultimate in convenience.

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